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Good practice case studies from the United Kingdon

Climate Change Explorer

This project is very innovative in helping young people to understand scientific knowledge through visual arts and filmmaking. It promotes a positive and active role for science in society by empowering young people to communicate their feelings and thinking about climate change to a wider audience.
The Climate Change Explorer also excels in inclusive practice by working with young people in different life situations, including those who have been excluded from school.

Climate Change Explorer

Creative Science Centre

The Creative Science Centre encourages young people to make and do things through hands-on science workshops and projects. It makes cutting edge science, such as the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of C60 molecule, accessible to children and the general public.

The REC encourages confidence in own ability to study science at advanced level.

The REC highlights how we use science in ways that contribute to creating or solving problems, such as with energy, environment and communication.

Creative Science Centre

Science 4U:

Female role models for real world science and engineering

This REC addresses women’s under representation in science careers. Science 4U is a week-long business placement and scientific problem solving exercise for girls.  It is a particularly successful collaboration between a school, a university and the local gas and water companies.

The activities build self-confidence in mathematics and science subjects, a major barrier to take up of further science studies. Female scientists and engineers present a real science problem in the business. The girls work as a team to resolve the problem, test the solution and present it.


Science 4U

UK/Japan Young Scientists

The UK-Japan Young Scientists addresses the international problem of young people’s reluctance to enter into science careers. The project aims to show the young participants that knowledge is not fixed. In scientific research it can be both questioned and generated to resolve real life problems.

The UK-Japan Young Scientists -project is a School-Scientist Partnership between Britain and Japan that aims to offer to young people an experience of science as a creative, questioning enterprise. In addition it creates friendships and understanding between the UK and Japan at all levels from the young participants to teachers, scientists and professionals.

UK-Japan young scientists