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Life Science Zurich – Learning Centre

Fascinating teachers with modern life sciences

The Life Science Zurich – Learning Centre (LSLC) aims to improve scientific literacy in general and to sup­port the teaching of modern life sciences at schools by raising the curiosity and comprehension for this fascinating field.

The LSLC presents a new model of cooperation between natural and educational sciences that follows a holistic approach and accompanies high school teachers throughout their professional career. There is a strong focus on further development with the goal to extend this successful model to additional areas of natural sciences (e.g. technology, chemistry, physics).

Life science Zurich Learning Centre


Science for life in the age of online learning


Explore-it aims to promote literacy in science and technology (S&T) among children and interested adults through online learning activities closely connected to everyday occurrences and important fields of engineering (e.g. solar energy).

The activities provided are based on existing projects that lacked the pedagogical focus. Explore-it successfully links educational sciences, schools and industry and applies a new methodological approach. Furthermore, it is a very good example of how effective media work can achieve public attention for science education.


Visit a lab

A Genetic Research Days Project

The Genetic Research Days enables contacts between researchers, the general public and schools. It aims to improve the public understanding of science, especially in the fields of gene-technology and life science research.

The nationwide network facilitates over 60 projects annually. It was one of the first initiatives in Switzerland within which scientists left their ‘ivory tower’ to engage in a dialogue with society – the dialogue still continues today.

The project “Visit a lab” where visitors spend a day in a research laboratory, guided by a researcher, has been exceptionally successful.

Genetic research days - Project 'visit a lab'

Penser avec les mains - Thinking with the hands

Science education inspiration for teachers
Current project: ‘ClimaTIC-suisse’ on sustainability

The initiative Penser avec les mains - Thinking with the hands aims to reinforce science education at school by making teachers feel more motivated towards teaching science. Teachers are supported with learning and teaching materials, in-service teacher training units and offers of original and stimulating science events that give science a human face.

Experts in education and scientists jointly prepare and run continuing education courses to support teachers, mainly at primary school level.
The projects give pupils and students the opportunity to experience and take part in scientific approaches to explain the world around them.

'Penser avec les mains' - Thinking with the hands