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The Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development

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Youth Technology Network Netherlands

The aim of Jet-Net is to assist secondary schools to enhance the appeal of their science curriculum and science teaching. It contributes to a national strategy to realise a 15% growth of students opting for science subjects in upper secondary schools and a 10% growth in enrolment of students in science & technology studies in higher education.

Offers good examples of integrating classroom theory to real life and concrete situations in company contexts.


Establishing a new science subject Research and Design

The Technasium schools form networks that aim to reform the science curriculum at school level guided by competencies derived from Science and Technology studies at polytechnics and from the workplace. At the core is a new school subject called Research & Design that has been developed with a major contribution from the participating schools.

Technasium is a school initiative that has proven to be transferable to different contexts across Netherlands. Research & Design has been recognised by the Ministry of Education as a new science subject with its own assessment and examination.  


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New ways of teaching science

Science education faces serious problems. Science curricula often overlook real life issues and active problem solving. There is also a lack of teachers with science credentials.

Collaboration between secondary schools, universities and S&T companies helps to innovate the science curriculum and teaching, as well as design challenging out of school activities.

The objective is to raise interest and enthusiasm among pupils in secondary education for science and technology and related professions.

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