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Kaunas University of Technology

Good practice case studies from Lithuania

The following projects were carried out in Lithuania:

Training of skilled children:

The challenges and possibilities in educating gifted children

The KTU gymnasium is a selective special school for gifted children from all over Lithuania. They are both boys and girls, and they come from both rural and urban areas. They demonstrate a precocious ability to think abstractly, a need for constant mental stimulation; an ability to learn and process complex information very rapidly; and a need to explore subjects in depth.

The goal of the TKU gymnasium is to improve the effectiveness of studies for gifted children, to develop teachers’ competence, to provide guidance in preparing for and in selecting academic careers.

Training of skilled children

Don’t buy their lives

People and the living Earth

“We are committed to educate children about animals, their habitats, and how humans can help to protect and conserve the world's natural resources”.

The Kaunas Zoo’s Education Department works to increase understanding of and responsibility for local and global biodiversity and ecosystems, strengthening the bonds between people and the living Earth.

Activities are age appropriate (5-18) and have attractive forms like table games, allowing children to learn about nature and to understand destructive human impacts. Disabled children are included as active participants in this REC.

Don't buy their lives

Water is the main source of life

This project aims to:

  • introduce school children to international organizations interested in the subject of water,
  • to strengthen tolerance to other cultures,
  • to interest children in technological, natural, environmental, and biological sciences

Water is the main source of life