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form-it: Take Part in Research!

The overall aim of Form-it - Take Part in Research! was to contribute to the promotion of interest of young people in science and to qualify them for a critical and complex way of thinking and learning.

The future of success of the European Research Area is mainly depending on young people developing skills and competencies to tackle future challenges. The key competencies needed today are self motivated and self directed learning strategies, team-working and communication skills and above all the capacity to differentiate, select, apply and replace information from the immense and daily growing global knowledge base. Therefore science education in school is confronted with a high pressure to replace outdated teaching approaches by modern concepts. Research and Education Cooperation (REC) is an effort of a new learning design, integrating actors of different fields - pupils, teachers and scientists work side by side together.

Form-it therefore provided a platform for supporting the reform and modernisation of science education in European member states. By comparing and analysing national activities and programmes a common knowledge based on innovative didactic approaches to teaching of science was established. Schools and research institutions are to be supported by implementing the innovative model of Research and Education Cooperation (REC).

Form-it providesd specific support for networking experts who work with and on new didactic concepts for science teaching. More Information see also our project information folder and/or our information poster.